Why Control Feral Hogs?

Attached is one of the latest hogs removed from Oakridge Ranch by Douglas Mason and his group of hog hunters.   This one weighed in at 200 pounds.   Douglas and company have removed over 300 hogs from Oakridge Ranch so far in 2013.  

Feral hogs not only do damage to agricultural crops and our yards, but can carry diseases that can be harmful to other wildlife as well as humans.   We’ve added a link to some information regarding feral hogs from Texas A&M University that is relevant to controlling hogs in Oakridge Ranch.   Although some of these hogs are descendants from domestic hogs, the current feral hogs in Oakridge are not domestic and should be treated with the respect and distance as you would any wild animal.   These are not farm pets.   If you have a need to have hogs removed from your property, please contact Douglas Mason, ORWMA Predator Control Board Chairperson.


A 200 pound feral hog; Photo by D.Mason, 02-02-2013.
A 200 pound feral hog; Photo by D.Mason, 02-02-2013.

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