The Pros and Cons of Barn Swallows

Squatters, Photo by A.Hardy, April 2013
Squatters, Photo by A.Hardy, April 2013

It won’t be long until our Barn Swallows return to their mud nests for spring and we are so thankful they remember how to get to our house each year.  The complaints I get about these birds are they’re so messy, they dive bomb me and my pets and their chirping is so loud.  But before you go so far as to knock down their nests, listen to the link below and see how many insects, including the dreadful mosquito, that each bird eats hourly, daily & monthly…it’s mind boggling.  To help with the mess we put a large piece of square tile under each nest that collects their calling cards & can easily be picked up, washed off and replaced as needed.  After listening to the voice-over below, I think you will agree that having Barn Swallows is a blessing and nature’s incredible insect/pest control that is TOTALLY ORGANIC!

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For more information on Barn Swallows see the link below.

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  1. I look forward to my barn swallows every spring and feel sad when they leave mid August . I have a 4 acre farm in a small town in western Massachusetts. I live alone a small river called theScantic river. I have A beautiful wide open 2 acre grassy field between the barn in the river .
    There are perhaps 20 to 30 nests in the underside of my barn up in the rafters every year . I have very little flies and very little mosquitoes . I look forward to their happy little cherubs in the morning enjoy seeing them flying across the field in the early mornings .
    The only concern might be for some people that in my lower basement of my barn where my horse and go to the it is certain time in the evening the birds fly all around your head it looks like they’re going to attack you but they don’t.

    I absolutely love my barn swallows and feel blessed to have them have encourage anyone to keep them and never trying to eradicate them.

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