Crazy Ant Seminar at Colorado Cty. Ag Center – Dec 1st

Hello fellow landowners:

This is an invitation to attend a program sponsor by Texas A&M about CrazyAnts from our local County Extension Agent, Stephen Janak.   These pesky little ants are harder to get rid of than fire ants; I would highly recommend attending this program.     [Please see linked attachment below for details.]

Thank you,
Vernon Wallace
ORWMA Habitat Chairman


Japanese Honeysuckle (Invasive)

I am not providing a picture of the invasive Japanese Honeysuckle, Lonicera japonica, because I suspect most, if not all of us recognize the vine and have fond memories of the summertime fragrance.   We have found several vines on our tract.   It appears to not particularly like the drought conditions, but it is here.   My recommendation is to pull it out to keep it from establishing a foothold.

Do check out this excellent site for more insight: