Spotlight Surveys and Deer Composition

Spotlight surveys will be held every Saturday & Wednesday night in August.  The Saturday night surveys we want to make into a social event like we did in the past. This will be a good time to meet your neighbors or just chit chat with friends. You can bring cheese & crackers, chips & dip, or whatever you want. The spot lighters will meet at the Community Center at 8:30 pm and head out at dark. If you want to ride one of the trucks you can let Jerry Rogers (, Angie Konvicka (, or Vernon Wallace ( know. Hope to see you there.

Herd Composition Counts-  Form is attached. In the instructions you will see Mark would like a minimum of 30 observations meaning 30 deer seen NOT 30 trips to count deer. This can be any deer seen in the general area of the property you are hunting, they do not have to be on your property. These numbers are critical in the process of determining a harvest rate for the year. Try to make an effort to get the best numbers you can get, even if it’s from your vehicle in the AC.  Return the form to Jerry Rogers at or his mailbox at 1128 Starridge Road the FIRST week of September, by mid- September it is too late. Returning the forms by the first week of September is required in order to get doe permits,

Earl Fly


Oakridge Ranch Wildlife Management Association

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