Sand Burrs – The Scourge of the Ranch

Sand Burr at Oakridge Ranch, Nov 2014.
Sand Burr at Oakridge Ranch, Nov 2014.

The wet spring, dry and hot summer, and then the wetness that followed gave birth to a bumper crop of burrs all over the ranch.  We’ve had many suggestions about how to be rid of them, from home remedies such as corn meal, pre-emergent herbicides such as X L 2 G, or simply continuous mowing.  From what I hear from neighbors, nothing seems to be the tried and true solution.

Jean Herring has recently found another approach.  She found a reference to using sugar, yes, everyday granulated sugar, applied as a soil amendment.  While not a quick solution, it seems that the sugar in the soil enriches the “good” bacteria, thus making the soil richer and less attractive to weeds.  Over time, the grass burr weed has to compete with other plants and slowly dies out.

We are curious to know if anyone has actually tried this and if so, what result was realized?  So please let us know.  Our grandkids, visitors and pets will surely appreciate having a burr-free property on which to roam.

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  1. A great substitute for sugar is Agricultural Molasses. It is very cheap and even more effective than plain sugar. Check with your local feed store.

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