President’s Message

Well it’s early August and we didn’t get any rain in July. The grass crunches when I walk across it. If I water, the armadillos come and dig around looking for moisture. But, the days are actually getting shorter and the cool weather will be here before you know it. ORWMA (surely, you know that ORWMA stands for Oakridge Ranch Wildlife Management Association) has really started to get busy. In July, we had a big Predator Control meeting and the Ice Cream Social, where we talked about Predator Control again. Tim Wilson brought one of his drop traps and gave us a demonstration on how it works. ORWMA also received several special contributions. Thanks to those contributors. We formed the Hog Busters and began training Scouts to help bait and check traps for non-resident landowners. ORWMA has four traps that can be moved to hot spots. The landowner will be responsible for supplying corn.

ORWMA also sent out the Herd Composition Sheet that needs to be filled out during August and turned in to either Jerry Rogers or Jim Trickett (you can also drop it in the ORWMA mailbox 1904B  Oakridge Road and we will get it to them). You should have gotten an email about the Deer Spotlighting Surveys. These are done on Saturdays meeting up at Jim Trickett’s around 8:30 pm and pull out at dusk. We are also doing for the first time some Spotlight Surveys on Wednesday nights. For the Wednesday spotlighting will meet at Vernon Wallace’s around 8 pm. All of this information is turned in to Mark Lange our Wildlife Biologist. From this, the carrying capacity (how many deer per acre can be sustained) as well as the buck doe ratio is calculated. This helps determine how many doe permits Oakridge Ranch is given. If we don’t use all we are given, the number can be reduced.

Our Permit Meeting will be held Sunday September 15th at 9 am at the Community Center. This is the time that was given to us at the Colorado County Wildlife Management Association (CCWMA) meeting. Mark Lange has to work with all the other WMA’s as well, so Sunday is the day we were given. ORWMA dues are actually due on January 1 of each year, but many people wait until deer season to pay their dues. Dues are $20 per year and there is a $20 participation fee for doe permits.

In November, ORWMA is planning in conjunction with Texas Parks & Wildlife and Texas Wildlife Association to host the Texas Youth Hunt Program (TYHP). As you may know ORWMA hosted the Wounded Warrior Hunts for over 10 years and had the overwhelming support of the community. We hope you will support the TYHP as you did the Wounded Warriors. Stay tuned for further details.

ORWMA needs you to participate in our activities. Without you ORWMA runs the risk of ceasing to exist. Without ORWMA we lose our MLD status with Texas Parks & Wildlife, which means we will no longer receive permits to hunt does. If you have questions, you can ask an ORWMA board member (a list is on our website: Or you can email us at

Hope to see you at one of our events.

Earl Fly


Oakridge Ranch Wildlife Management Association

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