President’s Message, October 2013

October is the month your Executive Board is nominated and/or appointed according to the By-Laws.  The Board is comprised of President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Program Director, and 4 committee chair persons:  Whitetail Deer, Birds, Habitat, Predators.  As ORWMA members you are invited to participate or observe this process.  Nominations may be received from any ORWMA member in good standing. 

Our next ORWMA Board meeting will be Saturday, October 12th.  The time will be 1:00 pm at the Petter home, 1220 Miller Creek Loop.  If you wish to attend, please RSVP so that we may prepare.  We hope you will attend and join one of our committees; Birding, Habitat, Predators, Whitetail Deer. 

October Executive Board Meeting-Saturday October 12th, 1:00 pm at the Petter home, 1220 Miller Creek Loop. 

Wounded Warrior Hunt – December 14 &15, 2013. 

This Saturday, 10/12/13, we will plan the Wounded Warrior Hunt.  Items to discuss will be the event location and agenda, cleaning and process station, gift or goody bags for the soldiers, acquiring overnight sleeping arrangements, and of course deer stands. We are always in need of additional help.  We encourage you to attend as we are always looking for new and refreshing ideas.  Please RSVP.  If attendance is large we will move from the house to the barn!  Bring a lawn chair for your comfort! 

Oakridge Ranch Wildlife Management Association sponsors County Road 215.  Many thanks to Glenda & Grady Lambert for taking charge of this event.  The following message from the Lamberts:  “We cleaned CR 215 from the low-water crossing to CR 211.  We collected 20 bags of trash.  Thanks to Pattie Vretis, Bret & Terri Dingley, Mercedes Burns, and Rebecca Marburger (Big Wire Ranch) for helping.”  

We are always excited to hear your comments – we are hopeful that the varieties of articles we present interest all landowners in Oakridge Ranch.   Check out our website —– 

Larry Petter, President-ORWMA

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