Large Cats in Oakridge Ranch

Two young cougars were seen today at 5:40 PM on Oakridge Road between Wagon Wheel and the bend in the road just east of that (towards the stop sign at Trails End).   But the property owner couldn’t get close enough to take a photo with his mobile phone before they scattered.  These were definitely cougars with the longer tail & crook at the end.  Since these were young, we must definitely have some breeding cougars in our area.

Many property owners are feeding deer and attracting more wildlife to our properties.  Keep a watchful eye for the predators that follow those we are trying to attract, including Cougars, Bobcats and Coyote.   Do not run if you are confronted by one of these animals.  Try to look larger than you are; carry a big stick, wave your arms, yell, etc.   Consider walking or biking in groups.

And, as always, live life outdoors!

(Note:  If anyone has any pictures on their game cameras of one of these cats or other predators, please forward to ORWMA at

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  1. This is our first report of young cougars in several years. Good to know they are doing well. Noise is good to scare them away. With all the deer in the area, they are not likely to be agressive toward a grown human. Watch your little kids and do not let them go into the brush on their own. We certainly don’t want an incident.

    1. Gary & I saw an adult cougar last year on County 273 approximately 1/4 mile away from Oakridge Ranch. The cougar’s habitat range is usually quite large that these cats probably migrate through our area depending upon their food needs & availability.

  2. Other details to remember is in the event of a close up “occurrence”, throw something if you can, but don’t bend over to pick up something to throw. IF the cat does not run away, but attacks, the advice I’ve seen is to fight it; don’t play dead.

    I think, with the territory they have to cover, it is exciting to have such diversity that includes the predators. Our deer herd can certainly withstand some pressure from natural predation.

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