Hummingbird Census, Fall 2014


Hummingbird Dinner, Photo by Beverly Olsen.
Hummingbird Dinner, Photo by Beverly Olsen.

Saddle up, folks, it’s roundup time!  Join Oakridge Ranch Wildlife Management Association (ORWMA) in a hummingbird survey.  Your participation will help us to determine more about range, distribution, favored sites and feeding habits of hummingbirds.  The survey is also a way to share information about their natural history. 

Brenda LaVergne, our Birding Chairperson, requests your participation in our  Hummingbird Census September 1 – 15, 2014. Please see the list below and begin your daily count.  This month’s focus will be hummingbirds. 

Thank you,
Larry Petter

Hummingbird Species                                               9/1-15
     (Please use tick marks in count column)


Please send your totals to by September 19th to be included in our census.

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  1. Since last Thursday (September 4th), we have seen a greatly increased number of hummingbirds at our feeders. We went from 5 or 6 a day to 25 – 50 per day. This weekend, Gary had to refill our feeders 3 times/day just to keep up with these beautiful birds. Please continue your counts through the 15th and send them in to to be included in the totals for the Ranch! Hopefully, these migrating birds are telling us Fall is just around the corner!

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