Deer Season 2020

Herd Composition Counts:  You should be nearing the end of your August Herd Composition Counts.  These need to be submitted to Jerry Rogers no later than September 1st. Jerry says you can hand them to him in person, put them in his mail box (1128 Star Ridge) or you can email them to Jerry at Please remember to add up the total number of bucks, doe, and fawns seen and include your name.  Jerry will compile this information and forward to Mark Lange.

Meeting Update & Annual Dues: Permits will be issued near the end of September. The date is still to be determined. In order to receive a doe permit, annual dues of $20 must be current. Also, there is a $20 participation fee.

2020 Alvin Emmel Memorial Whitetail Contest:  As we all daydream about cooler temperatures, don’t forget to daydream about that buck that no one has seen.  The one (or more) that get shot every year that we hear about and sometimes score while hearing from the hunter, “I wish I’d have signed up for the contest.”  Don’t be that guy or gal, attached is the 2020 contest form.  As always, you can also sign up online at you for your continued cooperation on the MLD program, support of CCWMA, and interest in our native resources.  Looking forward to another rewarding season. 

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