Controlling Field Sandburs

Here is an article on controlling Field Sandburs, (aka grass burs) by James A. McAfee, PhD, an associate professor with Texas A&M.  We’ve all probably dealt with these stickers and/or continue to deal with them.  We find them in the most interesting places inside the house, freshly washed and dried bath towels, socks, carpet and rugs, etc.  Our Beagle finds them whenever she wanders around the pastures and open spaces around the house.  She patiently waits until we come along to remove them from her pads.  Hope this article is of benefit to you.  FYI we will be using XL 2 g pre-emergent herbicide.  The article provides a list of several other choices. Good Luck!

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  1. A wholly organic pre-emergent that is recommended for control of sand burrs is corn gluten meal (CGM). It is non toxic and degrades into nitrogen fertilizer in a couple of weeks. It is usually available at feed stores. Sowing common bermuda grass a few weeks after using CGM will help to prevent weeds the next growing season.

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