Important Contact Information

  • For fire or medical emergency, dial 911.
  • Sheriff’s Office:  979-732-2388
  • Oakridge VFD:  281-799-4662
  • Mailing Address: 1904 B Oakridge Road, Weimar, Texas 78962

2 Replies to “Contacts”

  1. We are interested in buying a lot in Oak Ridge and are impressed with the concern for nature your organization has from what we can tell online. We are wondering if the residents have had any complaints about the many oil/gas wells throughout the area. I know many are dry holes and plugged wells, but has there been any concern of cross contamination in the water table or contaminate runoff from any of the well sites. It is hard to get real experience comments. Most research shows extreme viewpoints on either side. What can you tell us about your experience with the wells from the ORWMA standpoint? Thanks.

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