Grass Burrs Seminar – January 19, 2019

Dry states like Texas, New Mexico and Arizona have to deal with prickly stickers in your lawn from time to time. Also known as:  Sandburrs, Grass Burrs, Sticker Burrs/Burr Stickers, Pricking Monsters, Lawn/Grass Stickers, these are all referring to the same nasty weed. They thrive in the heat and are prominently found in Bermuda and St. Augustine lawns.

If you have had a problem with grass burrs in the past – the upcoming seminar offered by ORWMA is for you.  The best time of the year to try and prevent grass burrs is fast approaching.  In an effort to help us learn all we can about eliminating this weed, our new Colorado County Ag Extension Agent, Laramie Naumann, will present a seminar for the landowners in Oakridge Ranch.

Please save the date: The seminar will be held on Saturday, January 19th at 9:00 at the Oakridge Community Center.   The seminar is being offered free of charge – so please plan to attend. 


Grass/Sand Burr & Spring Maintenance Seminar Follow-up

Stephen Janak, Colorado County Extension Agent
Stephen Janak, Colorado County Extension Agent

We had an informative seminar on spring maintenance held by our County Extension Agent, Stephen Janak.  Stephen gave us an overview of his background as well as many resources to use for our spring maintenance here in the Oak Prairie region of Texas, including ways to control grass or sand burrs on our properties.   Stephen’s contact information is below:

Stephen D. Janak, County Extension Agent – Agriculture & Natural Resources, Colorado County, Texas; 979-732-2082;

There were about 20 property owners present for this seminar.   A delicious continental breakfast was served by Jean Herring.  Thank you, Jean, for all your hard work on all ORWMA’s events and meetings!

Habitat Seminar, 02-27-2016
Habitat Seminar, 02-27-2016

ORWMA hopes to have at least one seminar of this type each quarter during 2016. We hope all our neighbors here at Oakridge Ranch can join us for those later this year.

Live life outdoors!

Habitat Seminar, Feb 27th on Grass/Sand Burs & Spring Maintenance

ORWMA President R. C. Lumpkin and Habitat Chairperson Vernon Wallace are pleased to present our first Habitat seminar of 2016: 

Please join us at 10 AM, Saturday, February 27th, Oakridge Community Center.

Presented by Stephen D. Janak, County Extension Agent – Agriculture & Natural Resources, Colorado County, Texas A & M AgriLife Extension Service. 

Program Topic: Control of Grass/Sand Burs and Other Spring Maintenance. 

This should be an interesting and informative session.  Hope to see you all there!

Field Tour for Landowners On November 14th

Wildlife Habitat Federation Field Tour – Plant identification for landowners and landscape professionals:  

This program will be held on November 14th in Cat Spring, TX as part of the Southern Plains and Prairies Conference.  While visiting nearby relict tracts of native prairie and those restored as part of WHF’s Corridor Program, participants will have a hands-on opportunity to learn to recognize native prairie species from some of the top plant identification experts in the state.  Three CEUs will be offered to pesticide applicators: two in General and one in IPM.  Registration is $25 per person at the door only.   Participants will be provided with transportation, refreshments, lunch, and handout materials.  Participants will meet at St. John’s Lutheran Church of Cat Spring (480 Ross Street) starting at 8:30am, and the program will run until 3pm.  Participants are asked to RSVP by Friday, November 6th: 979-865-2072 or online at:


Sand Burrs – The Scourge of the Ranch

Sand Burr at Oakridge Ranch, Nov 2014.
Sand Burr at Oakridge Ranch, Nov 2014.

The wet spring, dry and hot summer, and then the wetness that followed gave birth to a bumper crop of burrs all over the ranch.  We’ve had many suggestions about how to be rid of them, from home remedies such as corn meal, pre-emergent herbicides such as X L 2 G, or simply continuous mowing.  From what I hear from neighbors, nothing seems to be the tried and true solution.

Jean Herring has recently found another approach.  She found a reference to using sugar, yes, everyday granulated sugar, applied as a soil amendment.  While not a quick solution, it seems that the sugar in the soil enriches the “good” bacteria, thus making the soil richer and less attractive to weeds.  Over time, the grass burr weed has to compete with other plants and slowly dies out.

We are curious to know if anyone has actually tried this and if so, what result was realized?  So please let us know.  Our grandkids, visitors and pets will surely appreciate having a burr-free property on which to roam.

Controlling Field Sandburs

Here is an article on controlling Field Sandburs, (aka grass burs) by James A. McAfee, PhD, an associate professor with Texas A&M.  We’ve all probably dealt with these stickers and/or continue to deal with them.  We find them in the most interesting places inside the house, freshly washed and dried bath towels, socks, carpet and rugs, etc.  Our Beagle finds them whenever she wanders around the pastures and open spaces around the house.  She patiently waits until we come along to remove them from her pads.  Hope this article is of benefit to you.  FYI we will be using XL 2 g pre-emergent herbicide.  The article provides a list of several other choices. Good Luck!

Texas Native Plant Week Oct 20-26

We are in the middle of Texas Native Plant Week.  Consider adding natives to your landscape.  Check out the Native Plant Society of Texas link below for more information on drought-tolerant native plants:

This is also the time of year to plant your butterfly garden for next spring/summer, best time to plant your wildflower seeds, etc.  Several sites are available online to find seeds including the following:
Wildseed Farms,
Native American Seeds,