By Way of Introduction – RC Lumpkin, Habitat Chair

Ruth and I are very happy to be residents and property owners in Oakridge Ranch.  Being here is fulfilling a lifelong desire to have steward duties to part of God’s earth.  While I enjoy all aspects of the land and outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and gardening, a large part of my enjoyment comes from having accepted my responsibility as a steward to the land.  No sermon here or forthcoming…I just believe that it is a privilege to be here for the time given and I’ll do my best to take care of my parcel while I’m here.

“HABITAT” is a very broad topic.  The definition includes:  the natural home of an animal, plant or other organism; a place that is natural for the life and growth of an organism; and, all living and non-living factors or conditions of the surrounding environment.

Property owners, residents and guests are certainly included in the “animal” portion of this above organism list.  So whatever affects the habitat affects us as well, not just the flora or fauna.  Our quality of “country-life” and the subsequent enjoyment received is directly related to the health of our habitat.

Here are a few of the habitat topics about which I hope to share: showcasing the Post Oak Savannah (this is the name of our ecological area); native trees, grasses, orbs and brush; habitat maintenance and development for deer, turkey, quail, dove and songbirds; control and/or eradication of non-native, non-beneficial plants; control of the pesky sand/grass burr; pond management; the benefits of brush piles; and, continuous use of the many TPWD and AgriLife resources available to us.

Please let me know of any additional habitat topics of interest.  I welcome your input and requests:

RC Lumpkin, 1154 Trails End, 512-948-5025,

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