The Birding Group has been very active within Oakridge Ranch since the founding of ORWMA. They have organized and conducted the winter bird counts and the spring breeding bird surveys. The information provides an important record by which to guage the impact on the habitat as more people move into the area.

If you have wanted to learn about birds but don’t know where to start, this is the group you will enjoy. Most of us are amateurs and we rely on the “experts” in the group to help us distinguish one bird from the other.

2021-2023 Winter Bird Census

3 Replies to “Birds”

  1. I am not an expert birder, either, but have learned by mostly participating in the Feb. Bird census. Caracaras are also known popularly as Mexican Eagles. They can often be seen on the sides of the roads, mingling with vultures for dinner! Anytime you see a group of vultures feeding check for the Mexican Eagle, too! I know this comment is late, but better late than never!

  2. I have, for past several weeks, seen what I believe are a pair of crested caracaras in my pastures and yard. Haven’t been able to get close enough to get a picture yet. I’m not a birder but, looked thru wild birds of Texas and the crested caracara is only thing close to what I’m seeing. Is this possible?

    Please excuse my ignorance.

    1. We definitely have these beautiful birds in our area of Texas. The Crested Caracara is in the Family: Falconidae and is in this area of Texas year round. Check them out on

      for more information. You might have an opportunity to get a picture using a zoom lens. Enjoy!

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