Oakridge Ranch Wildlife Management Association


(Adopted January 5, 2020)


Article I- Name and Purpose

Section 1. This Wildlife Management Association (WMA) shall be called the Oakridge Ranch Wildlife Management Association (ORWMA).

Section 2. The address of ORWMA is 1904B Oakridge Rd Weimar, Texas 78962.  The Banking Account will be at Industry State Bank, Columbus, TX 78934

Section 3. Our purpose is to enhance Oakridge Ranch’s Wildlife through cooperative habitat, game and wildlife management practices. The Texas Agricultural Extension Service, the Soil Conservation Service and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will be utilized as resources for determining proper wildlife management practices.

Article II- Membership

Section 1. Membership is open and voluntary to all Oakridge Ranch landowners

Section 2. Dues:

  1. A) Annual membership dues will be $20.00 for a calendar year payable on January 1st, of each year. Donations will be accepted.
  2. B) ORWMA Membership signs will be available to each landowner member for an additional cost.
  3. C) Dues will be reviewed annually and adjusted to the needs of the association.
  4. D) ORWMA Dues and revenues will be used to pay for ORWMA postage, special equipment, newsletters, educational program expenses, predator control or any other expenses the Board may approve.

Article III-Cooperative Wildlife Management Practices and Groups

Wildlife management practices can be, but are not limited to:

  1. A) Cooperative Habitat management;
  2. Food & Water supplies – Food plots & supplemental feeding & water
  3. Shelter – Brush and riparian control practices
  4. Security – predator control
  5. Use of native plants and land wildscapes.
  6. B) Cooperative Harvest management;
  7. Species Population and census data gathering
  8. Harvest recordkeeping and data management
  9. Species Population management control
  10. C) Exchange of ideas, practice demonstrations and cross property line cooperation with adjoining neighbors on good management practices.
  11. D) It will not be required that any member of ORWMA agree with every objective or goal of ORWMA, However, all members of ORWMA do support the general principles of cooperative land, species conservation and habitat management.
  12. E) Members will be encouraged to prevent illegal hunting by reporting road hunting, night hunting and all observed illegal hunting, to their neighbors and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) game wardens.
  13. F) The association will promote accurate census and harvest data record keeping.
  14. G) New Groups may be added when a new interest is suggested or removed when member interest diminishes.
  15. H) ORWMA will be a member of the Colorado County Wildlife Management Association (CCWMA). ORWMA will donate and participate in the annual meeting. ORWMA members will be encouraged to attend the annual March CCWMA meeting.


Article IV – The Board of Directors will administer the business of the Association. The Board of Directors will consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Whitetail Deer Chairperson, and Communications Chairperson. Any ORWMA member in good standing is qualified to serve on the Board of Directors.

Section 1   Election and Term of Board of Directors:

The election of the President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Whitetail Deer Chairperson, and Communications Chairperson will be made at the October Board meeting by the members present at the meeting. The term of the President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Whitetail Deer Chairperson, and Communications Chairperson will be for two years with no term limits. The President and Communications Chairperson will be elected in even years and the Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Whitetail Deer Chairperson will be elected in odd years. The term of each elected Board Member shall be effective on January 1st of the following calendar year. Appointments for the remainder of the Special Interest Group Chairperson positions will be an October agenda item. Special Interest Group Chairpersons serve at pleasure of the Board of Directors. The Election results and Special Interest Group Chairperson appointments will be communicated to the ORWMA membership by the Communications Chairperson.

Section 2   Vacancies:

The President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Whitetail Deer Chairperson, Communications Chairperson and any Special Interest Group Chairperson vacancy can be appointed by a vote of the Board of Directors.

Section 3   Board of Directors Responsibilities:

  1. President
  2. Provides the administrative leadership, sets the Board Meeting Agenda and presides over Board meetings.
  3. Maintains the by-laws and interprets by-law questions for the association.
  4. Vice-President
  5. Will assume the President’s duties in the President’s absence.
  6. Will perform other duties as requested by the President or Board of Directors
  7. Secretary/Treasurer
  8. Maintains all Association Records (including membership records.)
  9. Records and distributes minutes of the Association Meetings at least 3 days prior to the next meeting for review and approval at the next meeting.
  10. Handles Association Correspondence as requested.
  11. Responsible for accounting of Association’s Funds.
  12. Prepares the Monthly Treasurer’s Report for the Board of Directors
  13. Whitetail Deer Chairperson
  14. Will promote accurate census and harvest data records.
  15. Will oversee the administration of Deer Checkers and distribution of doe permits.
  16. Will keep membership informed of changes to MLD program or other regulations or changes that affect ORWMA.
  17. Communications Chairperson
  18. Will post events/news on the ORWMA website and ORWMA Facebook page.
  19. Will ensure that advertising events and notices of events are emailed to Landowners through the ORWMA g-mail account.
  20. Will prepare calendar of events/news to be turned in to ORIA for quarterly newsletter.
  21. Will help to maintain ORWMA Bulletin Boards at North & South gates.

Section 4   Special Interest Group Chairperson Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Events Chairperson
  1. Will oversee the planning of the annual events, such as Fish Fry, Ice Cream Social, and Christmas Party in addition to any other ORWMA sponsored functions.
  2. Will oversee the acquisition of supplies (paper goods, drinks, food items, etc.) for Events and provide lists of items needed for purchase.
  3. Will ensure that cooks, servers, cooking equipment, etc. are lined up
  4. Will oversee the set up and take down of tables, chairs, etc. for Events.
    1. Habitat Chairperson
  5. Will arrange ORWMA sponsored programs and meetings that have a habitat/wildlife theme.
  6. Will arrange for speakers of habitat/wildlife themes for Events as requested by Board.
  7. Will oversee County Road 215 clean up.
  8. Predator Control Chairperson
  9. Will oversee administration of Predator Control Program
  10. Will report on numbers of predators taken.
  11. Birding/Turkey Chairperson
  12. Will oversee Birding events, such Winter Bird Count, Breeding Bird Count, etc.
  13. Will promote accurate harvest data record keeping of Turkey and other Game Birds as required by TPWD.

The Board of Directors will receive no financial compensation.

Section 5   Quorum:

For purposes of regular business meetings, a quorum will consist of three of five (60%) of the Board of Directors.

Article V – Changes to By-Laws

These by-laws may be changed at any Board meeting with two weeks written notice of change and background information to all Board of Directors members with a simple majority vote. For purposes of a by-law change, a quorum will consist of three of five (60%) of the Board of Directors.

Article VI- Dissolution of ORWMA

ORWMA’s bank account is established at Industry State Bank in Columbus, Texas. All finances will be deposited in this account. The Treasurer and the President will have signature privileges for checks or withdrawals. In the event of the Association’s termination, any money remaining in the account will be donated to the Oak Ridge Improvement Association, Inc., a Non-Profit Corporation.

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