A Favorite Forage for Whitetails & Birds

American Beautyberry; Photo by B.LaVergne, Sept 2013.
American Beautyberry; Photo by B.LaVergne, Sept 2013.

A member of the Verbena family, American Beautyberry (Callicarpa americana), also called “French Mulberry” by some, is a deciduous, perennial native shrub growing up to 6 feet wide and almost as tall.   One of the most eye-catching plants at this time of year, it’s the purple berries that draw people’s attention rather than the palest of pink flowers in spring & early summer.   The flowers are approximately ¼ inch wide, and the berries are not much bigger than that when formed in late summer.   The berries hold their bright color for many weeks, even after the leaves are gone, usually until a good frost has occurred. 

American Beautyberry is one of the favorite forage plants for whitetail deer in the Oak Prairie Region of Texas.   Check out the link on the ORWMA “Groups” tab above, and click on Deer, then “Links for Managing Whitetails”, click on “Favorite Forage Plants of Whitetail Deer” to learn about other favorite plants for deer in this area.   While the deer enjoy the leaves, several species of birds enjoy the berries in the fall & winter, such as Bobwhite Quail, Robins and even domestic chickens. 

What beauty is added to our landscapes when most others have stopped blooming in late summer and fall while adding to beneficial food sources for both deer and birds!   The berries on their long stems also make beautiful dried fall decorations in our homes (but please take care to keep them away from children).   Click on the following link to find out more on this wonderful plant: http://www.wildflower.org/plants/result.php?id_plant=CAAM2.

Enjoy this beautiful season!  Live life outdoors!

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