MLD Season Clarification

CCWMA Members,

I have had several emails and a few calls about what I believe is misunderstanding the end of the third paragraph in the attachment I sent yesterday.  The misunderstanding is that MLD season would be reduced to 4 days.

To be clear on the proposed regulation change:

MLD Season for members receiving doe tags from TPWD would NOT change, you would still have from the beginning of archery season until the end of February to harvest doe by any legal means with MLD tags.  So nothing would change on MLD properties. 

This regulation is proposing a season for NON-MLD properties (properties that do not get doe tags) to be able to harvest doe with a rifle from Thanksgiving day thru the following Sunday (4 days) and tag them off their regular hunting license.  If a hunter had harvested a doe during archery season and tagged it off their hunting license they could only harvest 1 additional doe during doe days.  If they harvested two during archery season, they could not harvest any during doe days.  The limit all seasons combined for NON-MLD properties would be 2 doe per hunting license in the county.  It is also proposed that any doe harvested during those 4 days would have to be reported via a harvest app on their phone within a certain time frame so that we can gauge how many doe are being harvested outside MLD reporting. 

I hope this clears up the confusion and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Mark Lange

Texas Parks and Wildlife

Wildlife Biologist

Colorado/Austin Counties

1117 Travis St.

Columbus, TX 78934