Plant Your Own Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden at Still Waters Ranch-Oakridge; May 2013
Butterfly Garden at Still Waters Ranch-Oakridge; May 2013

Many native plants as well as drought tolerant ones are available to use when planting your own butterfly garden or just to have a small blooming area of joy right outside your window.  We planted several colors of Cosmos and Zinnia. In addition, we now have native wildflowers growing up in among the planted seeds, none of which have been disturbed by the deer.  This little garden has been blooming for a couple of months now and has been enjoyed by the butterflies, bees and humans alike.  Why don’t you give it a try and see what you can grow, too!

Finding Native Vines

Spurred Butterfly Pea; Photo by Gr.Lambert, June 2013
Spurred Butterfly Pea; Photo by Gr.Lambert, June 2013

Spurred Butterfly pea Centrosema virginianum, part of the bean (legume) family.  We can find this sprawling vine from about April to September. It is vining, with no tendrils. The flower is a great nectar source and the plant is larval food plant for Long-tailed Skipper Butterfly, Urbanus proteus.  It’s great for the organic butterfly garden. Thankfully, it tolerates dry conditions well.  Thank you, Grady, for another great picture.

Flowers Blooming Now

Purple Pleat-Leaf Grady Lambert found blooming May 2013
Purple Pleat-Leaf Grady Lambert found blooming May 2013

Wonderful picture from Grady of one of our native wildflowers, the Purple Pleat-Leaf Alophia drummondii.   Sometimes called Pinewood Lily.  This flower loves our sandy soil, and can be found blooming from April – June, in part shade.  Since it doesn’t make a great cut flower, best to enjoy them where you see them; flowers remain open a very short time. In fact, they tend to wither by the noon heat.    If you should want to move them into your garden, you need to sow seed in the fall.

President’s Message, May 2013

A great time was enjoyed at the Spring Shrimp Boil.  We received many compliments from you.  We had 63 people in attendance and raised $215.00 from the silent auction.  We hope that our speaker, Bill Mitchell, provided valuable information about your agriculture and wildlife exemptions.  If you would like a copy of his notes, then let us know. (Barbara Mitchem)

Upcoming Events:
“You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!” (Jean Herring)  So you’d better be at ORWMA’s Annual Ice Cream Social!  Bring your favorite flavor of ice cream or sherbet.  ORWMA will supply rock salt and ice.  If homemade ice cream isn’t in your area of expertise, bring a toipping to share or a dessert (cookies/cake).  We will have a contest for: 1) most unusual flavor, 2) personal favorite, 3) creamiest & 4) best presentation.

So bring a lawn chair, your ice cream or sherbet or topping/dessert to Lynne Bigelow’s backyard (1287 Oakridge Road) at 6 PM on Saturday, July 20.  We will also introduce our new website under construction at  All of Oakridge is encouraged to come and if friends/family are visiting, bring them as well.

The ORWMA Summer Birding Census will be held on June 15, 2013, 6:30 AM, Oakridge Community Center.  A birding brunch will be held afterwards at 10:30 AM.  We hope you will set aside this time!  (Brenda LaVergne)

In the Works:
July 20 Ice Cream Social (Jean Herring)
August Deer Census (Jim Trickett)
September 21 Oakridge WMA Fall Meeting (Larry Petter)
December 7 Wounded Warrior Hunt (David Mitchem)

We are always excited to hear your comments!   From Jim Trickett: “You guys did a great job with the shrimp boil. The format was great, the exhibits were good, the word got around to a number of new landowners, the new banner was well done and having Billy Mitchell there was a great idea.  It was evident you are all working hard to get it back on track and I think y’all are doing this.”

Larry Petter, President-ORWMA

New ORWMA Banner

Larry Petter, President and Barbara Mitchem, Secretary/Tresurer proudly display our new ORWMA banner at the Spring Shrimp Boil!

New ORWMA Banner, April 2013
New ORWMA Banner, April 2013