Nuisance or Necessary?

The Common Raccoon is listed as a nuisance animal by Texas Parks & Wildlife.  This mainly nocturnal animal is considered to be a carnivore, but will eat anything you offer them.  Their average weight is from 4 to 20 pounds.  They have sharp claws and teeth, are good climbers and strong swimmers and can often be aggressive and dangerous.  Raccoons adapt easily to living around humans and will often find their way into your attic or pantry.  The raccoon can be a frequent carrier of the Distemper virus, as well as Rabies.

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Common Raccoon at Deer Feeder; Photo by Gary LaVergne_2012
Common Raccoon at Deer Feeder; Photo by Gary LaVergne_2012




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  1. Small raccoons are preyed upon by foxes, bobcats, owls and eagles. They control animals and plant populations because they eat almost anything, including snakes and grasshoppers – just to name a few. I put up baffles on my nest boxes and make a few other adjustments to their presence. So, otherwise, they are welcome to make a living on our tract.

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