Board Meeting Minutes, October 2014

ORWMA Board Meeting Minutes
October 19, 2014
Community Center

Attendees: Larry Petter, David & Barbara Mitchum, Jean Herring, R. C. Lumpkin,  Brenda LaVergne, Douglas Mason, Vernon Wallace

Guests: Glenda & Grady Lambert, Cecil Stevenson

Call to order: 2:03 PM

Approval of minutes: Motion to approve minutes from 8/30/2014 by David M., second Brenda L. – approved

Treasurer Report: Motion to approve by Jean H., second by Brenda L. – approved.  Discussion about donating monies to local wildlife rescue organizations, maybe have someone come out to speak.

Committee Reports:

  • Whitetail Deer – David has issued doe permits to 58 property owners, and he foresees at least 10 more to go out. This will be a record.
  • Predator – Douglas:  270 hogs so far this year.
  • Birding – Brenda: Hummingbird census update is on website, we have seen more than ever.
  • Habitat – R. C.: Discussion about how emailed documents are re-formatted when they are sent from Word Press. Hoping to schedule a pond seminar early next year.
  • Events – Jean: See new business for Vet Hunt.
  • Website – Brenda: no report.

New Business:

  • 2015 Board Elections – Event Committee – Jean Herring will continue as Chairman. Peggy Wilcox as co-chair.  (David volunteered to serve on committee)  Habitat Committee – R.C. Lumpkin will continue as Chairman at his pleasure.  Glenda & Grady Lambert as co-chairs.Birding Committee – Brenda LaVergne will continue as Chairman.  Marilyn Rutledge and Glenda Lambert as co-chairs. Predator Control Committee – Douglas Mason will continue as Chairman.  Vernon Wallace and Jerry Rogers as co-chairs.Whitetail Deer Committee – David Mitchem will continue as Chairman.  Jack Jetton as co-chair.  President – Nominated is Larry Petter.  Approved.  Vice-President – Nominees are Cecil Stevenson, Vernon Wallace, and R.C. Lumpkin. Cecil declines.  Vernon accepts.   R.C. declines.  Vernon is approved.  Approved.Secretary/Treasurer – Barbara Mitchem is nominated and accepts. Approved.

Wounded Warrior HuntDecember 6 & 7, 2014
Gift bags – Jean will talk to Peggy W. and Carolyn T. Barbara will collect items. Meals – Ray Poole will supply the barbeque for noon meal. Evening meal will be chili, chicken gumbo. Vernon will donate the venison for the chili. Chili making will be Friday, December 5th at Larry’s house. Be there by 8:00 am.  Sunday breakfast will be bacon, eggs, biscuits, sausage, potatoes.  Donations – Barbara will collect donations and she has a letter people can use to help solicit donations.   David suggests we give the vets one of our caps.  Vernon states that Brooke Army Medical Center (“BAMC”) would like for us to do this event earlier in the season.  Glenda mentions that we used to give an ORWMA packet to each new landowner.  Brenda volunteers to devise a flyer about ORWMA – approved.

  1. Larry asks if he needs to order more hats, signs. Vernon will order 8-10 signs.
  2. Agenda – Attached
  3. Location – Stevenson barn
  4. Cleaning station – David says Wayne W. will run it and Peggy W. will do the record keeping.  Douglas can get some friends to help process the deer.  Jerry Rogers has ice chests.  Larry suggests we process some does ahead of time and freeze them, so the wounded warriors can take them back with them.
  5. David will get the stands together and Vernon will take care of lodging.
      Winter bird count – Brenda wants to have winter birding count on January 23 & 24.   Dinner on Friday night and birding on Saturday morning.

Adjourned – 3:22 pm

Next meeting: TBA

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