ORWMA 2020 Officers

According to the ORWMA By-laws, the election of officers to the Board and Executive Committee are to be held at the October board meeting and announced to ORWMA members.

The Executive Committee for 2020 is:

Earl Fly – President
Steve Jaap – Vice President
Secretary/Treasurer – Angie Konvicka
Events Chairperson – Lisa Kelly
Habitat Chairperson – Vernon Wallace
Whitetail Chairperson – Jerry Rogers
Predator Control Chairperson – Doug Mason
Birding/Turkey Chairperson – Keith Peters
Communications Chairperson – Angie Howes

President’s Message

Well it’s early August and we didn’t get any rain in July. The grass crunches when I walk across it. If I water, the armadillos come and dig around looking for moisture. But, the days are actually getting shorter and the cool weather will be here before you know it. ORWMA (surely, you know that ORWMA stands for Oakridge Ranch Wildlife Management Association) has really started to get busy. In July, we had a big Predator Control meeting and the Ice Cream Social, where we talked about Predator Control again. Tim Wilson brought one of his drop traps and gave us a demonstration on how it works. ORWMA also received several special contributions. Thanks to those contributors. We formed the Hog Busters and began training Scouts to help bait and check traps for non-resident landowners. ORWMA has four traps that can be moved to hot spots. The landowner will be responsible for supplying corn.

ORWMA also sent out the Herd Composition Sheet that needs to be filled out during August and turned in to either Jerry Rogers or Jim Trickett (you can also drop it in the ORWMA mailbox 1904B  Oakridge Road and we will get it to them). You should have gotten an email about the Deer Spotlighting Surveys. These are done on Saturdays meeting up at Jim Trickett’s around 8:30 pm and pull out at dusk. We are also doing for the first time some Spotlight Surveys on Wednesday nights. For the Wednesday spotlighting will meet at Vernon Wallace’s around 8 pm. All of this information is turned in to Mark Lange our Wildlife Biologist. From this, the carrying capacity (how many deer per acre can be sustained) as well as the buck doe ratio is calculated. This helps determine how many doe permits Oakridge Ranch is given. If we don’t use all we are given, the number can be reduced.

Our Permit Meeting will be held Sunday September 15th at 9 am at the Community Center. This is the time that was given to us at the Colorado County Wildlife Management Association (CCWMA) meeting. Mark Lange has to work with all the other WMA’s as well, so Sunday is the day we were given. ORWMA dues are actually due on January 1 of each year, but many people wait until deer season to pay their dues. Dues are $20 per year and there is a $20 participation fee for doe permits.

In November, ORWMA is planning in conjunction with Texas Parks & Wildlife and Texas Wildlife Association to host the Texas Youth Hunt Program (TYHP). As you may know ORWMA hosted the Wounded Warrior Hunts for over 10 years and had the overwhelming support of the community. We hope you will support the TYHP as you did the Wounded Warriors. Stay tuned for further details.

ORWMA needs you to participate in our activities. Without you ORWMA runs the risk of ceasing to exist. Without ORWMA we lose our MLD status with Texas Parks & Wildlife, which means we will no longer receive permits to hunt does. If you have questions, you can ask an ORWMA board member (a list is on our website: orwma.org. Or you can email us at oakridgewildlifemanagement@gmail.com

Hope to see you at one of our events.

Earl Fly


Oakridge Ranch Wildlife Management Association

2019 ORWMA Officers

Congratulations to the 2019 Office Holders!

President – Earl Fly

Vice President – Steve Jaap

Secretary/Treasurer – Angela Konvicka

White Tail Deer – Jerry Rogers

Predator Control – Douglas Mason

Programs/Events Director – Jean Herring

Habitat – Vernon Wallace

Turkeys – Keith Peters

Birding – open

President’s Message, October 2014

Your 2015 ORWMA committee has been selected.  Here are the results:  Event Chairperson-Jean Herring, co-chair-Peggy Wilcox; Habitat Chairperson-RC Lumpkin, co-chair Glenda Lambert; Birding Chairperson-Brenda Lavergne, co-chairs Marilyn Rutledge & Glenda Lambert; Predator Control Chairperson-Douglas Mason, co-chairs Jerry Rogers & Vernon Wallace; Whitetail Deer Chairperson-David Mitchem, co-chair Jack Jetton; Secretary Treasurer-Barbara Mitchem, Vice President-Vernon Wallace; President-Larry Petter.  This is the first year ORWMA has added co-chairs to the Executive Committee.  We look forward to building our teams.  If you have a special interest in any of the committees please contact any chairperson so that you are included in their correspondence.

Plans are underway for the 2014 Wounded Warrior Hunt. We are expecting 15-20 participants and great hunting weather!  We will be searching for hunting stands and lodging for our guests.  David or Vernon may be calling you soon! Items for gift bags are needed; let Barbara know if you can help.  If your company or employer would like to sponsor or make a donation, contact Barbara.  We would like to send our Wounded Warrior Guests home with some venison this year. In previous years, some of our guest returned home with empty ice chests. Thanks to an ORWMA member, Jason Frick, he suggested we harvest some does in advance.  I have decided to implement this idea and ask any avid Oakridge hunter to take an additional doe for this purpose.  I will provide the processing and freezing for the wounded warrior event. Check in the doe and you will be issued a replacement permit.  Give me a call for additional details, 713-825-7332.

UPCOMING EVENTS  –  Wounded Warrior Hunt December 6 & 7.  Mark your calendar.  A weekend agenda will be sent to you soon.  Chili Cookout December 5, 2014.  Each year we cook chili for the Saturday night supper for the wounded warrior hunt.  We start Friday at 8:00 AM.  Breakfast will be provided, fellowship will be enjoyed, and stories will be told.  Join me at the Petter corral, 1220 Miller Creek Loop.

Visit our website: www.orwma.org   Read our articles about habitat and birding.  Don’t be left out!

Larry Petter, President-ORWMA

President’s Message, August 2014

September is knocking at our front door, temperatures are in the century mark, and the drought has lowered our pond levels and turned the grass brown.  I know we have all been there before.
Be aware that we are currently under a burn ban for the county. No open fires please!  The Oakridge Volunteer Fire Department has been actively responding to fire calls, a home in Sheridan, and numerous bales of hay on fire.  Please do your part in observing the burn ban and give thanks to our volunteer firemen/firewomen when you see them.

We will be having an ORWMA meeting this Saturday, August 30, 10:00 am at the Community Center.
A topic of discussion will be the Wounded Warrior Hunt scheduled for December 6-7, 2014.  I am looking for suggestions and new ideas to make this another unforgettable event.  All landowners please join us as we plan for December!

The August, 2014 Deer Census is coming to a close this Saturday.  Many thanks to Jim and Carolyn Trickett for coordinating this event.  I have been told a hayride for the children and grandchildren will be included for the final tour!  See you Saturday August 30 at 8:30PM at 1278 Oakridge RD.

ORWMA annual meeting
On September 20th, 4:00 PM, we will be issuing doe permits to Oakridge landowners at the Community Center.  This is also the time we will be collecting annual dues for ORWMA.  If you are unable to attend then annual dues of $20.00 may be mailed to ORWMA, P.O. BOX 1278, Columbus TX. 78934.  If you are a deer checker, please attend so that I may introduce you to new landowners.  Mark Lange, Colorado County Wildlife Biologist, will be on hand to talk about aging deer on the hoof.

CCWMA Colorado County Wildlife Management Association – Entry forms for the 2014 CCWMA whitetail contest will be available.  $9100 in prizes are available.  All bucks (including spikes) to be aged and scored by our WMA scorers.  Also bring in doe heads.  Every deer brought in makes you eligible for the drawings.  Spikes brought in get two chances in the drawings.  We will have raffle tickets available for our Spring Banquet.  Tickets are $2 each or 12 for $20.  Prizes include a Lifetime Hunting & Fishing License, several rifles with scopes, pistols, Yetti Cooler, knives, shotguns, several gift certificates to name a few!

CHL class sponsored by ORWMA
The class is full!  The date is September 13, 2014, at 8:00 am at the Community Center.  This is a four hour classroom with range qualification on the ranch.  Contact Vernon Wallace for additional details at vwallace@satyainc.com

We apologize that our website is currently under repair.  http://orwma.org
We hope to have it up and running soon.

Larry Petter, President-ORWMA

President’s Message, July 2014

Say goodbye to July and welcome August.  We have been very fortunate with our spring rains this year but now for a reality check. It is hot and dry again.

Many thanks to Jean Herring.  On Saturday, July 5th, ORWMA held its annual Ice Cream Social.  There were about 45 people in attendance.  Many of them were grandchildren of the land owners.  The idea of the social on the July fourth weekend hoped to bring in family members of the landowners.  It did do that, but may have left some landowners out due to out of town trips.  We welcomed two new families to the ranch at the social: the Leavesly and the Prasatik families helped us judge the ice creams in several categories.  Winners in the “Best Presentation” and “All Around Favorite” were Preston and Nelda Callendar for their fabulous strawberry.  Winners in the “Most Interesting” and “Oddest or Most Unique” categories were R.C and Ruth Lumpkin for their jalapeño/strawberry served with peanut butter cookies.

We had a great speaker in Dr. Charles Cole.  He brought in several displays of insects from this area.  Many of the adults and most of the children gathered around the displays and asked questions.  Later Dr. Cole talked about the advantages & disadvantages of insects in our area.  One interesting fact came out when Dr. Cole was asked about the green worms that fall from the trees during the spring.  It seems these worms actually make the trees lusher by forming a nodule at the site from which they hatch.  This node actually produces more areas for the leaves to sprout, so the tree has a fuller leaf coat.  The green worm eventually becomes a little white moth that birds feast on.  Although the worm is a nuisance, it actually serves a good purpose.

Along with the ice cream, we had some very tasty desserts and toppings. So remember, you do not need to prepare ice cream to come to the social and visit with your neighbors.  Hope to see you next year.

August, 2014 Deer Census Survey
Tentative dates are August 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th
Contact Jim Trickett 979-7312-2447 or jtricket@att.net

ORWMA annual meeting
September 20th, 4: PM at the Oakridge Community Center.
Annual dues will be collected and doe permits issued.

CHL Class sponsored by ORWMA  
Planned date is September 13th
Four hour classroom at Community Center;  Cost between $70-$75 depending how many sign up;  Range qualification here on the ranch.
We must know by August 25th to get a head count
Reply to Vernon Wallace for additional details at vwallace@satyainc.com.

Larry Petter, President-ORWMA

President’s Message, April 2014

April is here and the wild flowers are blooming beautifully.  With the wet spring we have experienced nature at its peak.  Texas Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes are in abundance.  We should have a bountiful dewberry crop this year, also.  I expect to do more mowing this year since the rainfall has been plentiful.  Our post oaks and live oaks are bursting with new growth and I expect a bumper crop of acorns.  Not so good news for the deer hunters but a feast for the squirrels, crows and blue jays.

Saturday, April 5, 2014, April Trash off Day
Did you know that ORWMA adopted CR 215 several years back?  Look for the permanent county sign posted at both ends of 215.  Glenda and Grady Lambert organized this effort about 12 years ago.  On Saturday morning we will cleanup CR 215, and if we have enough volunteers we will clean Oakridge Road.  Meet at the north gate at 8 a.m. Bring gloves.  Trash bags will be provided.   Filled trash bags will be left outside the north gate for the county to pick up Monday or Tuesday morning.   Grady or Glenda will notify our county commissioner to pick up trash.

Saturday, April 12 2014, ORWMA Spring Banquet
Oakridge Ranch Wildlife Management Association invites you to our annual spring banquet.  We are scheduled to begin 4:00 PM at the Oakridge Ranch Community Center.  Your membership has allowed us to provide a meal of fish, shrimp, potatoes and corn.  Bring a desert to share if you can.  This is a great time to meet your neighbors.   We are very fortunate to have guest speaker, Dr. Charles Cole, PhD in Entomology.  He will talk about insects.  You know the kind: beetles, spiders, scorpions, stink bugs.  Do you know what an ironclad beetle is?  We all have them.  If you are interested in honey bees, ask Dr. Cole.  He is also a Master Gardener and can provide you with a wealth of information.

July 5, 2014, ORWMA Ice Cream Social

Tax Day marks the last day to file income taxes in the United States.  The history of US Income Tax dates all the way back to the Civil War and the Revenue Act of 1861.  This tax was imposed to help pay the costs of the war.  After several repeals, new taxes, and subsequent repeals, the 16th Amendment to the U S Constitution was ratified and went into law in 1913.  Changes have been made throughout the years, but the Income Tax still remains in some form as a way to finance the US Government.

Check out our website— http://orwma.org

Larry Petter, President-ORWMA

President’s Message, March 2014

This winter has been the coldest in recent memory.  Throughout the night Monday, March 3rd, we were witnessing a lightening show with thunder in the background.  The rain started, 1½ inches to my measure, yes, we had an ice storm, 20 degrees, here at the ranch.  I can’t remember the last time that happened.  Was it 30-40 years ago?  The morning arrived in a winter wonderland.  It was pretty, but, with the electricity out for six hours we began to chill in the house.  Tree branches fell under the weight of the ice, by 3pm ice began falling as the temperature rose.  The next four days were bearable as we picked up branches and raked leaves.  Saturday night [March 8th] brought us 3½ more inches of rain.  Wow, it is so wet even the gophers and moles were coming up for air!  Get used to daylight saving time and in 10 days it will be the first day of spring! 


  • March 15th, Colorado County Wildlife Management Association Banquet, KC Hall, Columbus. TX  –  The Colorado County Wildlife Management Association’s Spring Banquet is scheduled for 4:00 p.m. Saturday, March 15, 2014 at the K.C. Hall in Columbus, Texas.  We will have a full catered barbecue meal at 6:00 p.m. with free soft drinks and beer while it lasts.  Meal tickets will be $8 for adults and $5 for kids 12 and under.

We will have our big raffle and bucket raffles for great prizes.  We will also have many vendors with nice merchandise to look over and purchase.  The 2013 Scholarship winners and the Whitetail Contest winners will be recognized.

This is a public event and all of Oakridge Ranch is invited.

The next ORWMA meeting is March 22nd at 1:00 pm, at the Petter home.

Spring traditionally marks the end of winter and the beginning of a season that signifies longer days and warmer temperatures.  The first day of spring is also known as the Vernal Equinox.  This marks the day that the Sun’s path is directly over the equator.  This day also contains equal amounts of day time and night time.  This day typically occurs each year on March 20 (or on March 21 in some years).

If you have not kept up with our website, you are certainly missing a lot———- Follow us, find the home page where you may subscribe.  If you are the 7th and 13th subscriber, you have won a $50 gift card.   —check out our website—    http://orwma.org

Larry Petter, President-ORWMA

President’s Message, January 2014

January 2014!   What a way to start the year!   We received 30 to 45 mph wind gusts, consecutive days of below freezing temperatures, 3 to 3.75 inches rain throughout the ranch, several stuck trucks and tractors, and now temperatures in the middle 70’s, foggy in the morning, warm in the afternoon.   So what is ahead for the New Year?

The ORWMA Committee is supporting the following events:

  • March 1-2, Wild Hog Round-Up, Hallettsville TX, Promoted by Texas Dog Hunters Association
  • March 15, Colorado County Wildlife Management Association Banquet, KC Hall, Columbus TX.
  • April 12, Oakridge Ranch WMA Spring Shrimp Boil, Community Center
  • July 5, Ice Cream Social

Details of the events above are being prepared by committee so watch your emails, the ORWMA website or mail box for more information.

Did you know Douglas Mason caught or trapped 567 hogs last year?  Add that to 50 hogs trapped by Jerry Rogers, several harvested by various landowners; that’s a lot of hogs!

David Mitchem reported that 141 deer were “checked in” this past season.

Many of us football fans probably are preparing for Super Bowl Sunday, February 2.  But did you know it is also ground hog day?   Will Punxsutawney Phil pick the winner?  Groundhog Day marks the midway point between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox.  It is a derivative from the early Christian holiday of Candlemas Day.  The holiday is commemorated when a famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, emerges from his burrow and looks for his shadow.  The tradition goes that this day is used to help determine how many weeks of winter might be left.  It is observed every year on February 2nd and was established in 1887.

If you have not kept up with our website you are certainly missing a lot———-check out our website—    http://orwma.org

Larry Petter, President-ORWMA
January, 2014