Turkey Season 2016

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Regulations(Copied from TPWD Outdoor Annual Handbook 2015-2016)

Colorado County
TurkeyRio Grande Spring Season Only:

Apr 1-30, 2016 Only.

Bag limit: 1 (gobblers only).


Rio Grande Turkeys; Photo by B.LaVergne, March 2013
Rio Grande Turkeys; Photo by B.LaVergne, March 2013

Habitat Seminar, Feb 27th on Grass/Sand Burs & Spring Maintenance

ORWMA President R. C. Lumpkin and Habitat Chairperson Vernon Wallace are pleased to present our first Habitat seminar of 2016: 

Please join us at 10 AM, Saturday, February 27th, Oakridge Community Center.

Presented by Stephen D. Janak, County Extension Agent – Agriculture & Natural Resources, Colorado County, Texas A & M AgriLife Extension Service. 

Program Topic: Control of Grass/Sand Burs and Other Spring Maintenance. 

This should be an interesting and informative session.  Hope to see you all there!

AgriLife Newsletter Spring 2015

Attached is the latest AgriLife Newsletter from the Colorado County Agriculture Extension Agent, Stephen Janak.   The newsletter includes great information regarding upcoming local events along with other news regarding outdoor life here in the county.  Click on the link below to open this pdf file.



Wildlife Habitat Seminar Offered Nov 14th

Wildlife Habitat Federation Field Day
November 14 @ 8:30 am – 4:00 pm,   $20.00



The Wildlife Habitat Federation’s (“WHF”) Third Annual Field Day will be held on Friday, November 14, 2014, at the Atwater Prairie Chicken Wildlife Reserve near Eagle Lake. Registration is slated for 8:30 – 9:00 a.m. with the program beginning at 9:00 a.m. and lasting until 4:00 p.m.  A registration fee of $20.00 per person will be charged at the door.  With the registration fee, participants will be provided with refreshments, lunch and handout materials.

The purpose of the field day is to provide landowners with a better understanding of why restoring native grasses and forbs can benefit both the livestock producer and conservationists. Following the success of its first 7-mile native habitat corridor, WHF is now helping landowners restore thousands of acres to native prairie grasses and wildflowers.  This interest has largely been due to a desire of landowners to reduce long-term input costs, like fertilizer and hay; to have more drought-tolerant plant species that attract wildlife and to better protect our natural resources, including soil, water, air and wildlife.

This meeting will be held at the Atwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Reserve, which has become the epicenter for WHF’s rapidly expanding program.  Come and learn from specialists, demonstrations and field tours how and why WHF is working with partners on sites in 12 surrounding counties to provide landowners with technical and financial assistance based on the belief that we can progress and still protect our prairies (which includes, but not limited to, wildflowers, bobwhite quail and scores of other birds, butterflies, bees, box turtles, little bluestem and other native grasses).


For more information about the field day, contact the Wildlife Habitat Federation.  To register for the event, contact Jim Willis at (713) 201-3559, or visit the website http://www.whf-texas.org.

Three CEU’s will be offered to pesticide applicators.  Two in the general category and one in Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Antlerless Deer Permits


ALL of Oakridge Ranch is included in a Managed Land Deer Permit administered by Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

ALL deer taken must be checked in with one of our designated deer checkers to insure accurate harvest data required by TPWD.

Antlerless Deer may only be taken with a MLD Permit issued by TPWD & ORWMA’s Deer Management Program.  You cannot use the doe tags on your license on Oakridge Ranch.

ALL Oakridge Ranch property owners are members (active or not) of Oakridge Ranch Wildlife Management Association sponsored by Texas Parks & Wildlife.  To become an active member of ORWMA, please contact us at oakridgeranchwma@gmail.comor call one of the ORWMA officers.

Larry Petter
September, 2014

Colorado County Burn Ban in Effect

Colorado County has issued a burn ban and it’s in effect until further notice:

  •  No outdoor burning is permitted for 90 days per county ordinance.
  •  No fireworks per county ordinance.
  •  No welding without the presence of OVFD standing by with pressurized hoses for the entire time the welding is taking place per county ordinance.

Please take care of your family, your pets and your animals.   And check on your neighbors, too!

Texas Deer Study Group, April 2014

A flyer was available at the recent CCWMA banquet, announcing a two-day seminar to be held April 10-11, 2014 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Columbus.  The program  is offered through the Texas Wildlife Association with additional sponsorship from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Texas Parks & Wildlife and Texas A&M Agrilife Extension.  A few of the topics to be included are:

  • history of deer management in the Post Oak Savanna and Gulf-Coast Prairies
  • habitat changes
  • managing deer on small acreage
  • an overview on deer nutrition

The second day of the program includes a field day at J3J4 Ranch for habitat management techniques, native and introduced vegetation identification and deer necropsy.

The seminar fee is $75 before 3/31 or $100 after 3/31 and includes meals and handout materials.  You may register online at www.texas-wildlife.org/resources/events/texas-deer-study-group.  More information is available from Clint Faas   cfass@texas-wildlife.org or 979-541-9803

I have registered to attend and look forward to learning more about how ranch habitat management and deer management go together.

By Way of Introduction – RC Lumpkin, Habitat Chair

Ruth and I are very happy to be residents and property owners in Oakridge Ranch.  Being here is fulfilling a lifelong desire to have steward duties to part of God’s earth.  While I enjoy all aspects of the land and outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and gardening, a large part of my enjoyment comes from having accepted my responsibility as a steward to the land.  No sermon here or forthcoming…I just believe that it is a privilege to be here for the time given and I’ll do my best to take care of my parcel while I’m here.

“HABITAT” is a very broad topic.  The definition includes:  the natural home of an animal, plant or other organism; a place that is natural for the life and growth of an organism; and, all living and non-living factors or conditions of the surrounding environment.

Property owners, residents and guests are certainly included in the “animal” portion of this above organism list.  So whatever affects the habitat affects us as well, not just the flora or fauna.  Our quality of “country-life” and the subsequent enjoyment received is directly related to the health of our habitat.

Here are a few of the habitat topics about which I hope to share: showcasing the Post Oak Savannah (this is the name of our ecological area); native trees, grasses, orbs and brush; habitat maintenance and development for deer, turkey, quail, dove and songbirds; control and/or eradication of non-native, non-beneficial plants; control of the pesky sand/grass burr; pond management; the benefits of brush piles; and, continuous use of the many TPWD and AgriLife resources available to us.

Please let me know of any additional habitat topics of interest.  I welcome your input and requests:

RC Lumpkin, 1154 Trails End, 512-948-5025, r.c.lump@gmail.com

President’s Message April 2013

ORWMA has a new website! Visit www.orwma.org to see the new version!  Jean, Grady and Brenda are working to add more pictures and data as quickly as possible. We hope this is something you will enjoy as we evolve! We welcome your ideas as this may help us develop a site that is informative and a pleasure to visit.


April 20th  – ORWMA Spring Banquet 2013 “This is the event we have been planning!”  We are having a shrimp boil!  Hot dogs will be available also!  Bring a chair!  Come hear our guest speaker Bill Mitchell, Chief Appraiser of Colorado County discussing AG and Wildlife exemptions. He will have a question and answer session also.

We plan to give away door prizes and have a silent auction. The theme will be “From the Ranch”.  Our wildlife committees will display their themes!  Bring a dessert to share if you can! You may bring your drink of choice. If you are a member of ORWMA or wish to join, then please come!  We will have a table available for sign-in to add new members for 2013. Get your door prize ticket also. The location is the Community Center and the time is 4:00 PM Saturday, April 20, 2013.

Special note: If you have a deer mount that was harvested in Oakridge Ranch please bring to show. We also would like to see any sheds or antlers from here! Have you found a hogs head with tusk? Bring it!

May is open with no events planned at this time.

We are excited about having our first ORWMA member social for 2013!  We can always use the help to set up tables and chairs. If you like to boil shrimp, potatoes and corn then we need you!

The ORWMA executive committee takes great pride in sending you this message. Let us know what you think, share your ideas, with us.

The following message was received by Aubrey Walton in South Korea! – “Thanks for keeping me informed!”   And “Thanks!” to Marilyn Rutledge for writing our first article for the new ORWMA website!

Larry Petter, President-ORWMA

President’s Message March 2013

Your ORWMA executive committee held its meeting March 9th at the Petter home. The minutes were read and approved along with the Treasure’s report.   The new ORWMA banner was presented and approved by committee.  We had a lengthy discussion about our website with a lot of new ideas from our committee leaders. A team was formed with Jean Herring, Brenda LaVergne and Donna Burrows to review new avenues of updating or changing our website.

From Donna Burrows    I’m already spotting bluebonnets on I-10.   As winter starts to let go, more spring flowers are on their way, migration gets going in earnest and nesting begins.  Butterflies will start flying and trees and grasses will begin to green and we will see if we had a wet enough winter to keep up the momentum for a few spring months.   For now, it is definitely a waiting game.

It is sobering to look around to see effects of the hypoxylon canker which has devastated so many trees in our drought.   Until we get some real, measurable rain, the canker will continue on its way to, in the long run, bring us back to broader areas of beneficial grass lands.   We need our native grasses as much as the trees.

Of course, the trees that can be left standing are great for wildlife, as we know.    For instance, we have a great roost tree for the Pileated Woodpecker; perhaps now to house an owl or squirrels or raccoons.  Or, for that matter the large brush piles the down trees make are also beneficial.  Taking stock of all, if we must lose so many trees, it is great to see these side benefits developing.

So, come on, Spring.  Show us what you’ve got.

Upcoming events-

April 6th   Columbus Trash off Day, ORWMA sponsors county road 215 and will be picking up trash that day. Contact Glenda Lambert (gl78962@gmail.com) or Carolyn Trickett (ctricket@yahoo.com) for more information or just show up at 8:00 AM at the North gate.  ORIA will also be participating by sprucing up the North and South gate entrances. If you wish to pitch in for an hour then contact Brenda LaVergne (Brenda.lavergne@gmail.com) for the South gate or Larry Petter (larry@citywestwindows.com) for the North gate. Also that day we will be doing a spring cleaning at the Community Center. For all those that donate their time, ORWMA will provide a light lunch at 12:00 at the Community Center; contact Jean Herring (mackieherring@yahoo.com) if you wish to assist her!


 March 1st to May 31, 2013.

April 13th ORWMA is sponsoring a CHL class in Oakridge Ranch. This will be the classroom instruction and firing range. We will have a certified instructor by the Texas Department of Public Safety on site. Fees are estimated to be $95 depending on number of participants. We will begin at 8:00 AM at the Community Center.  We need confirmation if you wish to attend so that we may plan the day.  I recommend you bring a sack lunch for the day.  Please contact Vernon Wallace (vwallace@satyainc.com) by the April 2, 2013.

April 20th ORWMA Spring Banquet 2013   “This is the event we have been planning!”  We are having a shrimp boil!    Hot dogs will be available also!   Bring a chair!  Come hear our guest speaker Bill Mitchell, Chief Appraiser of Colorado County discussing AG or Wildlife exemptions.  Bring a dessert to share if you can!  If you are a member of ORWMA or wish to join, then please come!  The location is the Community Center and the time is 4:00 PM.  I saved the best for last———-FREE


We are excited about having our first ORWMA member social for 2013!  So mark your calendars! If you wish to volunteer your help then let me know. We can always use the help to set up tables and chairs. The ORWMA executive committee takes great pride in sending you this message. Let us know what you think, share your ideas, with us.

Larry Petter, President-ORWMA